Focus Entertainment x 2H | Image Courtesy of Focus Entertainment
Focus Entertainment x 2H | Image Courtesy of Focus Entertainment
Focus Entertainment x 2H | Image Courtesy of Focus Entertainment

Focus Entertainment partners with Two Horizons to publish Hotel Renovator

Hotel Renovator Box Art | Courtesy of Two Horizons
Two Horizons
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Focus Entertainment has unveiled a brand new publishing partnership for the next title from Wroclaw based Polish developer Two Horizons. Focus Entertainment describe Two Horizons as proven experts in delivering quality simulation games and Focus Entertainment have a history of publishing a range of Simulation titles including Farming Simulator, SnowRunner and Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

Two Horizons current project is Hotel Renovator which Two Horizons say will combine construction, decoration and renovation with a realistic graphics which there is already a demo on Steam for. Focus Entertainment say Hotel Renovator will enrich Focus’ portfolio and its Sim Series range and they have always been keen to offer a varied catalogue for players worldwide, and Two Horizon’s new title is set to be a unique, immersive new experience.

“Our entire team is very excited to be working alongside Focus Entertainment to bring Hotel Renovator to players worldwide.” said Krzysztof Wagner, CEO of Two Horizons. “From a simple idea of restoring and decorating an old hotel, our game is becoming something more significant than we first expected. We firmly believe that together with a partner like Focus, we will take our game to a new dimension.“

“With this partnership, Focus continues to offer unique experiences to players, through games that bring fresh perspectives and exciting twists to familiar genres.” explains Yves Le Yaouanq, Chief Content Officer of Focus Entertainment. “Two Horizons’ talented team delivers an original blend of simulation, management and storytelling, backed by photorealistic graphics. A coherent vision of “4D” gameplay (Destroy, Design, Decorate and Develop), the experience is reinforced by a dynamic narrative layer with a light tone. The game also has solid foundations on which to build ambitious live and post-launch intentions. This collaboration corresponds to what we want to bring to Focus: provide tools for players to deploy their creativity.”

I’ve been a fan of many of the Sim games that Focus have published and Hotel Simulator looks like an interesting addition to the genre, let me know if you’d like to see me play through the demo on Stream and what your thoughts are one Hotel Simulator and this partnership in the comments below or over in our Community Discord.

Hotel Renovator Official Trailer

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