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Cozy community builder reveals developer gameplay trailer

Plethora Project has released a fresh new trailer for their new cozy commmunity builder, Common’hood, after its success at this year’s Summer Next Fest.

Due to release later this year, Common’hood, and it’s hands-on gameplay trailer really showcases how players can turn their down-and-out community into a flourishing, thriving hub.

When you discover an abandoned factory that is already inhabited by a community of people who, like yourself, have fallen on hard times, you decide to work with the residents to forge and design a new forever home, for all of you. Whether that is growing food so that no member of the community goes hungry, designing and crafting intricate and unique buildings, or connecting with specific members of the community and fulfilling their wants and needs to the best of your ability, Common’hood will see players turn the abandoned factory into a home for everyone.

Due to launch later this year, Common’hood will also be launching with multiplayer support, providing 4 players the ability to work cooperatively in the sandbox environment provided by the game. You’ll be able to work together to build incredible creations, and also share those creations with the community online. Your designs will be easily shared and hopefully others will be able to make use of them!

Key Features

  • Take care and look after your settlers, form connections, and help them feel like an important part of the community.
  • Grow self-sustaining food sources out of a variety of crops which, in turn will give access to a wide variety of recipes to cook.
  • Highly detailed building tools allow players to have completely free reign of their factory. Craft shelters, workshops, and even high tech manufacturing facilities.
  • As you scavenge through the factory and explore, discover more about the building and precisely how it came to be abandoned.
  • Bring friends along to design and build a thriving community together.
  • Share unique designs with the online community.

Check out the trailer for Common’hood below!

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