FFXIV Dawntrail | image courtesy of Square Enix

FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE: Dawntrail – New Job And Trailer Revealed

During the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo, Square Enix revealed new details about the upcoming Dawntrail Expansion, scheduled to be released in summer 2024.

As part of the festival, the full trailer for the expansion has been revealed:


Additionally, Square Enix revealed the second new job to feature in Dawntrail: the Pictomancer!

The Pictomancer is able to wield a special brush to use the medium of mixed aether to render their imagination reality. They can create creatures, weapons, and even breathtaking landscapes if they have enough time. Instant-cast spells and abilities are also available for the pictomancer to use as they please.

Female Hrothgars will be added to the roster of playable characters. With their muscular forms and predisposition for leadership, this race will bring forward the mightiest of warriors.

Other new reveals for the expansion include a new city (Solution Nine, with towering facades built by a foreign civilisation), a new area (Heritage Found, overflowing with lightning energy and thick thunderclouds), a new raid series, new dungeons, new lifestyle content, new field operations, and a new limited job (Beastmaster).

If you are interested in playing Final Fantasy XIV Online but do not own the game yet, you can buy the Starter Edition here:

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