Farthest Frontier Key Art
Farthest Frontier Key Art
Farthest Frontier Key Art | Courtesy of Crate Entertainment

Farthest Frontier’s Bountiful New Update – Version v0.8.3 – A Deep Dive Into New Features And Fixes

Strap In, Settlers! We're Mining For Updates

Greetings, fellow frontier settlers! You’ve asked, and Crate Entertainment has delivered. The long-awaited patch update for Farthest Frontier, one of my favourite games of the last year, is here and it’s bursting with content. Released on May 19, 2023, version v0.8.3 has brought some highly requested features and essential bug fixes to the game.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Farthest Frontier, here’s what it’s about. Set in the untamed wilderness at the edge of the known world, Farthest Frontier invites players to protect and guide a small band of settlers in forging a thriving town from scratch. Developed by Crate Entertainment and released into Steam Early Access on August 9, 2022, the game’s ambitious aim is to provide an in-depth town-building and survival simulation experience. In Farthest Frontier, players harvest raw materials, grow food, produce crafted items for trade, and fend off threats to their growing communities. The game emphasizes strategy and management, challenging players to balance the demands of their advancing town. With rich environmental interactions, detailed farming systems, and dynamic threats, Farthest Frontier is all about shaping your settlement’s destiny while braving the beautiful yet brutal edges of civilization.

Farthest Frontier | Gameplay Trailer

So, let’s get straight to it and unpack what the latest update means for our beloved settlements.

One of the major new features in this update is the introduction of an overview for all resources in the general area during Town Centre Placement. Now, you won’t be blindly setting up your centre and praying for a good resource yield. You’ll be able to strategise better with a more in-depth idea of what’s around you.

Additionally, Work Camps can now be upgraded to Tier 2. Alongside the current tasks, they can also replant trees, promoting sustainable forestry and keeping your settlement well-stocked with lumber. This should save a significant amount of time for those of us that were manually planting decorative trees to ensure our mid to late-game wood economy and is a really nice quality of life upgrade.

As for you late-game folks with sprawling towns, the update has got you covered with Deep Mines and Quarries now available in Tier 4. Once placed, these buildings can gather their respective resources indefinitely!

Another fantastic update is the introduction of an “Auto-Refill” checkbox in the Professions Window. This will keep your professions topped up in case of any unfortunate villager deaths, keeping your town running smoothly. It’s also on by default, so no need to go hunting for it.

Not only has Crate delivered new features, but they’ve also been hard at work fixing some bugs. This includes several technical issues related to raider combat pathing, health bars, detail foliage, game saving, and more. These fixes aim to create a smoother gaming experience, reducing frustration and interruptions.

In terms of gameplay, builders are now auto-repairing buildings at 70% structural integrity, up from 60%, and food spoilage and crop diseases now scale with game difficulty. So those of you seeking a bit more challenge are in luck!

There’s plenty more we could discuss (and we will), but if you want to check out the full patch notes now, you can find them on the official Farthest Frontier forum at https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/farthest-frontier-v0-8-3/127297.

NOTE: Crate Entertainment have said to benefit from all the changes in this update you will be required to start a new map, or at least reroll an existing map, and that the next patch following this will probably require rerolling as well. This is mainly to do with regenerating the resources on the map but it’s worth knowing for those hoping to carry on their existing city with the new benefits.

So, what do you think of these updates? Ready to face the challenge of the Farthest Frontier with these new tools at your disposal? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment below or join the conversation over on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We can’t wait to see what your settlements look like after these updates!

Until next time, happy settling!

And hey, why not share screenshots of your thriving settlements with these new updates? We’d love to see your towns evolve with the new patch. Best town layout gets bragging rights!

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