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Farming Simulator 2022 – Precision Farming DLC releases

Giants Software
Giants Software
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
Release Date
Nov 22, 2021

Plenty of new features and machines, but a much lower environmental footprint

Developer and publisher double-act GIANTS Software have released the new Precision Farming DLC for Farming Simulator 22, completely for free.
Working along side John Deere and EIT Food, (Europe’s Food Innovation Initiative) the DLC adds various new features for sustainable farming operations.

These new gameplay mechanics extend the realism aspect of the game, with four different soil types, and the ability to sample them, an environmental score to assess the eco-friendliness of your farming operations, and various sensors and machines. All designed to make your life easier, and to save your farm money on things like herbicide, fertilizer, fuel, and even seeds. While saving you money, these actions will, of course, help reduce the environmental impact of your farming.

The DLC expands your toolkit with new vehicles and tools. The new vehicles include; The ISARIA Scout to take soil samples, the ISARA Active and Compact sensors to measure the nitrogen levels of your crops, and the John Deere R732i spot sprayer.

“We’re excited to offer our fans the ability to enhance the realism of their farming operations through
sustainable farming technology. We’re proud of this achievement and the opportunity to work with John Deere, EIT Food and all the other partners bringing this important undertaking to emphasize the benefits of sustainable farming technologies to life.”

Stefan Maurus, Gameplay Programmer & Lead Integrator at GIANTS Software

To activate the new DLC, players will need to download patch 1.4, which will provide the player with even more vehicles. Forklifts, CLAAS tractors, and various Salek branded implements. Check out the new trailer here.

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