F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch, Metroidwinia?

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  • 25.1 Hours to finish
  • 100% completion
  • about 1,5 hours of having no clue where to go
  • Released 03.10.2021
  • 29.99€


Before we even begin, we gotta talk about the publisher in general, or to be even more direct you should look it up and evaluate yourself if you wanna play it. It’s BiliBili … so do your own research.


This is a classic story about the old hero returning to rescue his kidnapped friend from an oppressive regime. While the basic structure of the story is kinda cliche but there are plenty of things to make this game unique to the Metroidvania genre. First of all, there is a clear distinction between all “evil” people and the “good”, since all the NPCs on your side are anthropomorphic animals and [nearly] all the enemies are robots. Why the Enemy is depressing the Furtizen isn’t exactly clear, but what is clear is that the war is lost and we’re now beginning to fight back.

Gameplay Loop

This game is a very classical Style of Metroidvania with a medium amount of backtracking and its unique spin. While there are very common ingredients like gradually getting different abilities that are mostly used to get past barriers that hold you in certain areas, there are also a bit of spicy ingredients which make this game interesting. First of all, you get three different weapons to use and each of them has a different playstyle and then… yeah honestly that’s where the differences to other Metroidvanias end. The good thing is that it takes this one difference, heavily focuses on fighting the various enemies of the game and does it really well! Aside from the actual Gameplay Loop, there is also a very nice Cyberpunk aesthetic with a 2.5D depth and beautifully designed background, but honestly, as a gameplay-focused player, I think this should be judged by the Trailer and screenshots of this video.


As always the score is a very weird thing to give, like how do I quantify this game, especially with how people think 7/10 = 5/10 in actual metrics. I had a good amount of fun with this game and there are no missable achievements for this, even though some of them are either a bit grindy or you have to look up where the things are.

I think this is a very solid 8/10 experience, I wasn’t really blown away in any way, but I had a good amount of fun and even though I am not a huge sci-fi fan I did enjoy the cyberpunk touch on this game.


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