As One We Survive | image courtesy of Revelation Games

Explore A Post-Apocalyptic America In “As One We Survive”

The game development studio “Revelation Games” just announced the release of their latest passion project on Kickstarter.

In “As One We Survive” players can embark on a journey into a post-apocalyptic America and help a father to save his daughter, who has fallen sick due to a deadly virus and desperately needs help. Society is in ruins after the virus spread, and people have joined factions such as bandits to roam the land and scavenge scarce resources. The journey will take you to a far-off hospital where there is hope for medicine and equipment so you can help your daughter.

As One We Survive combines elements of survival games with colony management simulation. The game focuses on human experience of a post-apocalyptic world and highlights the struggles and importance of community and support in challenging and dark times.

Survival will depend on your ability to adapt and use the environment around you. Nature can be a blessing as well as a curse and it will come down to the effective use of what you can find when your fate is decided.
Hunger, thirst, temperature, fatigue, and illness post constant threats even when you are in a safe area, and you will need to set up a campsite to manage these vitals.

Scavenging resources in the game world can equip you with bandages, medicine, tolls, and weapons. This will come in handy when you have to face enemies in combat. Other factions, such as bandits, can be a dangerous threat in the countryside, and larger factions will fight for control over territories and resources. Avoiding confrontations will be a good strategy while roaming the world, as there is limited ammo and no quick health packs.

You can form a community of trusted survivors and use teamwork to get supplies and construct buildings. As you progress your settlement, people will feel safer in your community and can provide you with help on your quest to save your daughter.

As One We Survive can currently be backed on Kickstarter. The campaign is ending on the 30th of August 2023.
Backers can receive a 20% discount on the digital copy of the game, or pledge more to get access to a demo version of the game, in-game items, and other digital goodies. If you are really passionate about the project, you can also choose one of the more expensive pledges to write the last words of a survivor, design a mission, or own a shop in game.

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