HUMANKIND: Cultures of Oceania | image courtesy of AMPLITUDE Studios & SEGA

Experience The Cultures Of Oceania in HUMANKIND

The historical strategy game HUMANKIND will get a new DLC on the 11th of September. Cultures of Oceania introduces six new cultures with a maritime touch – perfect to take some of the summertime feeling into fall.

Cultures of Oceania comes packed with six new cultures, six new wonders, seven new independent peoples, 15 narrative events, and a brand new fitting soundtrack. This addition brings the number of available cultures to play with to an impressive 86.

The new cultures introduced in Cultures of Oceania are:

  • Pama-Nyungan
    Pama-Nyungan speakers spread across the majority of Australia in the mid-Holocene era. Together with their language, they brought cultural and social practices as well as art.
  • Polynesians
    The islands of Tonga, Samoa, and Uvea were the birthplace of the Polynesian culture during the first millenium BCE. The Polynesians are known for their elaborate navigation techniques which helped them to conquer the Pacific.
  • Rapa Nui
    The Rapa Nui are native to the Easter Islands. They are expert survivours – having mastered life under the difficult and isolating conditions on the island. They are proficient at using the mineral resources of the island and cover the land with monumental structures.
  • Māori
    The Māori are famous for their elaborate society structures with clans and extended families. Maintaining bonds and managing conflicts are important topics.
  • Hawaiians
    From the late 1700s onwards, the Hawaiians entered an age of change. Increased contact with foreign peoples and aspirations for political unification lead to changes in the ways of living.
  • New Zealanders
    In the middle of the 20th century, the people of New Zealand began to strive for independence from the influence of the British crown. Inspired by Seddon and Savage governments, New Zealand changed its social models and improved its energy independence.

The new wonders included in the DLC are:

  • Uluṟu 
  • Aitutaki Lagoon
  • Bungle Bungle Range
  • Whakaari Volcano
  • The Royal Palace of Papeʻete
  • Mauna Kea Observatory

The release of the DLC is paired with a free content update for all players of HUMANKIND, with updates to naval gameplay, trade and resource management. As a bonus for every player, a free culture will be added to the game – the Carribean Pirates!

Pre-ordering the DLC before the release date on the 11th of September entitles players to receive 10% off their purchase:

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