Everdream Valley Key Art
Everdream Valley Key Art
Everdream Valley Key Art | Courtesy of Varsav Games Studio

Everdream Valley: Get Ready for Your Cosy, Animal-filled Farm Adventure!

Polish Game Devs Announce Release Dates for Highly Anticipated Farming Fantasy Game

Well, dear readers, the wait is finally over! Everdream Valley, the latest cosy farming adventure game that’s been on the lips of every gamer, is ready to make its big entrance. Developed by the talented folks over at Mooneaters, Untold Tales, and VARSAV Game Studios, this animal paradise is set to hit PC, PS4, and PS5 on May 30th, 2023. But don’t worry, all you Switch aficionados out there, your version is coming hot on its heels in June 2023.

Cozy Adventures are Around the Corner | Everdream Valley Release Date (PC, PS4/5, Switch)

Now, let’s dig into what this charming game is all about, shall we?

Everdream Valley transports you to a tranquil, magic-touched farm where you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty – in the best way possible. You’ll be tasked with restoring a farm, tending to a wide variety of crops, and caring for a delightful array of farmyard friends, from pigs and cows to alpacas and more. And don’t worry, animal lovers – this is a peaceful place. Your favourite cow, Bessie, won’t ever be destined for the dinner table!

Everdream Valley is more than just your typical farming sim. The game packs a whimsical twist as night descends and the magic of the valley stirs. At nightfall, you’ll be able to embody various farmland animals in your dreams, completing special challenges that yield unique rewards or impacts on your farm the following day.

With a sprawling sandbox full of adventures to explore, you won’t just be keeping yourself busy on the farm. Expect nights spent camping under the stars, hunting for treasures, cooking up a storm, snapping photos, fishing, and even fashioning your very own furniture.

And what’s a farm without a furry sidekick? Choose your loyal canine companion from 13 different breeds and train them to assist in various farm tasks. But if you’re more of a cat person, don’t worry! There’s a rather elusive feline resident in Everdream Valley as well, ready to be won over… if you can figure out what tickles his fancy, of course.

Everdream Valley is shaping up to be an enchanting gaming experience and there is a demo available on Steam now if you want to give it a go. So, dust off your farming boots, get ready for some magic, and step into your very own animal paradise this May and June.

We want to hear from you! What are you most excited about in Everdream Valley? Which animal will you embody first in your magical dreams? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join the chat on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

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