Escape First Alchemist Prologue - Play for free
Escape First Alchemist Prologue - Play for free
Escape First: Alchemist Prologue | image courtesy of OnSkull

Escape First Alchemist: Prologue Available Now

Escape First: Alchemist is a first person escape room / adventure game, where you play as the apprentice of a mage. Your master trapped himself in a prison of his own making, and has tasked you with the challenge of releasing him. Work your way through a number of riddles such as brewing potions and observation/logic puzzles. Explore the workshop inspired by real alchemical history, with a fantasy twist!

The full release version will also allow players to play with their friends in multiplayer mode.

You can download and play the prologue (demo) for free on Steam. Make sure you wishlist the game to get notified when the full release happens!

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