Northgard - Vordr, Clan of the Owl | image courtesy of Shiro Games

Emerge From The Shadows With The Clan Of The Owl In Northgard – Out Now

Hiding under Yggdrasil’s shadow through the ages, the secretive Norns of the Clan of Vordr are emerging from the shadows and joining the Clans in Northgard.

This Clan’s main resource is lore, which they can use to build all available buildings and further develop their clan.

Northgard | Clan of the Owl | TRAILER

The Clan’s leaders, the sisters Skuld, Verdandi, and Urdr, act as the protectors of Yggdrasil and ensure the well-being of the Clan by using the power of the sacred tree. Skuld uses her youthful energy to expand the clan, Verdandi links the Clan to the world around it, and Urdr uses her wisdom to lead the Clan with a pursuit of Knowledge. Players can choose one sister to assume leadership at a given moment to tend to the needs of the people best. The Norns can also be used by the player to open ruins and shipwrecks and they can be assigned to lore production buildings in neutral territory.

One of the main gameplay features of the Clan is that it does not gather wood. Instead, they use their knowledge about the sacred tree Yggdrasil to make it grow in different manifestations to form the different buildings. Forest tiles will produce extra lore instead of giving a wood production bonus.

The Clan of the Owl is available now and can be purchased here:

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