Remore: Infested Kingdom Key Art
Remore: Infested Kingdom Key Art
Remore: Infested Kingdom Key Art | Courtesy of Webzen

Embrace the Infestation: “REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM” Unleashes Free Demo at Steam Next Fest

WEBZEN Invites Players to Sample the Gothic Horror RPG during the Biggest Gaming Fest of the Season

Hot off the presses from Pangyo, South Korea, comes an exciting announcement for gamers across the globe. WEBZEN, an international titan in the world of PC and mobile gaming, has disclosed that their highly-anticipated Indie PC title, “REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM”, will be offered as a free demo during the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

“REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM”, developed by the creative minds at the Korean Indie game studio, Black Anchor, introduces players to a bleak yet tantalisingly immersive world. A gothic horror RPG, the game hurls participants into a forsaken medieval realm under the spectre of an imminent Infested onslaught. Drawing on tactical strategies and turn-based mechanics, the survival of your band of stalwart companions depends entirely on your collective wit and courage.

REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM | Steam Next Fest Trailer

Eager gamers will have the chance to sink their teeth into approximately an hour’s worth of content from this thrilling release. The free demo will be available from June 19 through 26, 2023, as part of the Steam Next Fest celebrations. It’s worth noting that the game is fully localised in both English and Korean, ensuring a wider reach amongst players.

Ahead of the Steam Next Fest, those keen to get ahead of the curve can find additional information about the game, and add it to their Steam wishlists.

The demo version includes a total of three stages – the ominous Blackthorn Village, the atmospheric Monastery, and an essential tutorial. Three unique characters will be available for play: the errant knight Willam’, the steadfast militia Edwin, and the hardened foreign warrior, Diurmuid.

As players dive deeper into the shadowed world of “REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM”, they’ll need to master the art of staying unseen by enemies, accurately pinpointing noises to avoid overwhelming odds, and choosing the ideal moments to launch strategic assaults using a plethora of historical weapons.

WEBZEN also unveiled the official “REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM” Steam Next Fest trailer (at the top of this page), providing a riveting preview of the battlefield control and medieval apocalypse ambience players can anticipate.

Ready to face the darkness of “REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM”? Join us in the comments below or on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to share your thoughts and predictions about the game. We’d love to hear your strategies for surviving the Infested swarm, or which character you’re most excited to play as. Whether you’re a knight errant or an experienced foreign warrior, everyone is welcome in our community!

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