Arco | image courtesy of Panic

Embark on a beautiful action RPG journey in Arco

Arco is a turn-based action game developed by a dedicated team (Polish pixel artist Franek Nowotniak, Australian game developer Max Cahill, Spanish composer and sound designer José Ramón “Bibiki” García, and Mexican industry veteran Antonio “Fáyer” Uribe) and published by Panic Inc. The game is currently in development and will be released some time in 2024 for PC.

Arco – Official Reveal Trailer

Arco is set in a world inspired by magical realism and follows a turn-based action RPG approach based on the narrative around four individual characters in their respective campaigns. The desire for revenge unites them after their lives have been changed by an influential corporate mafia. Players will have to make decisions which have an impact on how the story is shaped as the game goes on.

The four heroes will have to venture through communities and wilderness where they will find monstrous creatures and enchanted places. Combat is carried out in a unique simultaneous turn-based mode and the experience can be customised with new skills, powerful allies, and vital resources.

The beautiful pixel art style and the atmospheric soundtrack make this adventure come to life in a magical way.

If all of this sounds exciting and you can’t wait to play when the game comes out next year, you can head over to Steam where you can wishlist the game to be notified when it gets released!

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