Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising review

  • Stats
  • Premise
  • Gameplay Loop
  • JRPG or Metroidvania?
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  • Time to beat: 29.4Hr to 100%
  • Number of Achievements 50
  • Number of missable Achievements: None
  • Number of Blue screens: 5 (unrelated)


The Main Character of this game is a young scavenger called CJ who sets out on her journey to prove to her family that she can find a huge Treasure to bring back to the family. She arrives at a town that is in trouble but also has a huge opportunity in the long-lost Runebarrows which now are starting to unlock for adventures. All this is to support this small town lead by a ravenous major which is extremely tight on money.

Gameplay Loop

In this game, you encounter general JRPG mechanics, such as in upgrading the same gear you already have and a huge amount of side quests. Those quest range from fetch quests to monster killing quests to … no actually that’s it. It has actually a very basic concept of the quests that are available, even if you can do some fishing and special monsters spawn for these quests it is still a very basic concept as is usual in JRPGs as well, but the good thing is while these things are very simple it is still fun and since the action inside the “dungeon” maps is fun it really doesn’t matter. Now talking about combat here is where the game reminds me more of a Metroidvania. The dungeoning is a free moving fast-action-based combat style where you unlock utility with the upgrading of the armour and unlock more and more areas to discover. This is very similar to most Metroidvanias but the difference is that it is even feasible to farm the same areas instead of just going to the new areas as there are still materials to be had that are necessary for quests and crafting.

JRPG or Metroidvania

Considering how the game has taken elements from both a common JRPG and a common Metroidvania which category does it lean more into? Personally, as the game is more combat driven and even if it has a good story and many many side things it is still the most important thing in the game. Personally, i would call it more a Metroidvania with JRPG elements but in the end, I don’t care as the mixture of both of the genres just feels great and overall improves the experience of the game.


As described previously this is quite a good game and the mixture of genres plays out quite well.

I would say it’s about a solid 9.69°C.


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