Eden Eternal Key Art | Courtesy of X-Legend Entertainment

Eden Eternal Global Launch

Pre-Install Now and Get Ready to Explore what X-Legend Entertainment describe as a Rich and Unique World!

Get ready to embark on an immersive role-playing experience with X-Legend Entertainment’s upcoming game, Eden Eternal, set to launch globally on May 4th! To avoid congestion, pre-installation is now available on the official website, allowing players to jump right into the game on launch day. And if you’ve pre-registered, don’t forget to log in on launch day to receive exclusive rewards!

Eden Eternal promises a charming art style and diverse game system, with a variety of races such as humans, Zumi, Ursun, Anuran, and more, each with its own background, culture, and architecture. X-Legend Entertainment boasts Eden Eternal offers a unique class system that enables players to switch between 20 available classes freely. This feature caters to the needs of various teams, allowing players to play with their unique style.

With a range of gameplay options available, including the ability to manage guild territory through quests, productions, and guild wars, Eden Eternal is a game that promises to be exciting and engaging. Players can explore unique stories from each scene and accumulate reputation for treasures. X-Legend Entertainment says the new Couple System allows players to make friends from all over the world, fostering camaraderie and adventure together with friends.

Eden Eternal’s global launch has a slew of events and rewards for players to enjoy. During the first week, players can participate in the Leveling Challenge, with the top 50 players on a single server who reach level 40 the fastest receiving an exclusive reward title. Daily login rewards are also available, with bonus rewards given for logging in for 14 consecutive days and players can enjoy double experience and double loot events based on the number of milestones achieved.

This release of Eden Eternal comes after developers X-Legend Entertainment decided to relaunch and directly operate the game.

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