Ed-0 Zombie Uprising Key Art
Ed-0 Zombie Uprising Key Art
Ed-0 Zombie Uprising Key Art | Courtesy of D3 Publisher

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising Bites Its Way out of Early Access This Summer!

The thrilling rogue-like action game gets a full release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this July - and there are a few extras in store for early birds!

Mark your calendars, because your summer’s about to get a whole lot more thrilling! The highly anticipated zombie survival rogue-like action game, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, is finally stepping out of Early Access and into the spotlight. The brains (pun intended) at D3PUBLISHER and LANCARSE announced that the full release is coming to PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on July 13, 2023. And the good news doesn’t stop there – you can pre-order right now on all platforms!

D3PUBLISHER, a well-respected Japanese games publisher, and developer LANCARSE Ltd. are rewarding early adopters with a bonus mini-quest titled “Rounding up Thieves”. With a pretty friendly price tag of £19.99 / $29.99 / €28.99, there’s every reason to join the zombie uprising.

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising has been fine-tuning and tweaking its gameplay since entering Steam’s Early Access in April 2022. The developers have been hands-on, addressing community feedback, adding content, and improving all aspects of gameplay. Major enhancements include the quality of combat, difficulty level, and a new option to save mid-game. Of course, regular bug fixes and ongoing gameplay changes have also been part of the journey.

To sweeten the deal, the 1.0 launch will offer brand-new features like new blessings and charms, adaptive triggers for PS5, an EDO shader for a fun “Ukiyoe” style filter, and more than enough content for a staggering 100 hours of gameplay. That’s a lot of zombie-slaying fun, folks!

Set in a fictional Edo-era Japan overrun by zombie hordes, each dungeon run in Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is uniquely challenging, filled with “once-in-a-lifetime” confrontations and random elements. The game hosts a motley crew of undead enemies, from reimagined Japanese zombies to foreign invaders from the “Zombie Industrial Revolution”. The deeper you delve into the game, the more customisation options for your builds will unlock – plus, there’s an option to ramp up the difficulty level for the truly brave among you. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with all the upcoming content and news.

That’s it for this update, zombie slayers! So, what do you think about the upcoming full release of Ed-0: Zombie Uprising? Will you be pre-ordering? How do you feel about the enhancements and new features? Drop your thoughts in the comments below or join the lively discussion over on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We’re dying (again, pun intended) to hear your thoughts!

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