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Dwarf Fortress Key Art | Courtesy of KitFox Games
Dwarf Fortress Key Art | Courtesy of KitFox Games
Dwarf Fortress Key Art | Courtesy of KitFox Games

Dwarf Fortress arrives on Steam and Itch.io with new graphics, tutorial, and soundtrack

Dwarf Fortress Key Art | Courtesy of KitFox Games
Bay 12 Games
Kitfox Games
Windows (PC)
Not Rated
Release Date
December 6, 2022

Dwarf Fortress, the legendary civilization management and construction game, is now available on Steam and Itch.io with a brand new pixel art tileset, a helpful tutorial for new players, and new sound effects and soundtrack. The game, developed by Bay 12 Games and published by Kitfox Games, also includes a new user interface and navigable menus for easier gameplay.

Dwarf Fortress on Steam and Itch.io will launch with the Fortress and Legends game modes, with plans to add the Adventure and Arena modes in the future. Steam Workshop integration is also available at launch, making it easier for mod developers to create additions to the game.

The game’s new soundtrack, composed by Dabu, Simon Swerwer, and Águeda Macias and featuring tracks in the Dwarvish language, is available for purchase separately on Steam and Bandcamp.

The classic version of Dwarf Fortress will continue to be supported on Bay 12’s website and will remain available for free download. This support will include improvements from the Steam and Itch.io release, such as mouse functionality.

Dwarf Fortress on Steam and Itch.io offers players an in-depth and intricate simulation of a world, with the added benefit of beautiful pixel graphics. Players can build a fortress and help their dwarves survive against threats such as starvation, dragons, and madness. The game, which has been in development and updates since 2002, offers endless hours of gameplay and the ability to generate unique worlds and manage a colony of dwarves.

Dwarf Fortress is now on sale on Steam for $29.99 (USD) /£24.99 (GBP) / 28,99€ (EUR). For more information and to purchase the game, visit the Steam and Itch.io links in the box to the left of the article.

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