Dungeon Hunter Returns Key Art
Dungeon Hunter Returns Key Art
Dungeon Hunter Returns Key Art | Courtesy of GOAT Games

Dungeon Hunter Strikes Back: GOAT Games Takes the Reins!

A new chapter in the iconic ARPG series is on the horizon

Hey there, fellow dungeon dwellers! Exciting news just landed on our doorstep, and we’re chuffed to bits about it. The beloved Dungeon Hunter series is making a grand return, and it’s none other than GOAT Games taking the helm. That’s right, the mobile gaming giant has snagged a global license to develop and publish the next mobile iteration of Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter franchise!

The new Dungeon Hunter will stick to the formula that’s made it so successful over the last 14 years: cutting down hordes of baddies, completing quests using both brains and brawn, and raking in heaps of shiny loot. But that’s not all, folks! GOAT Games will be taking things up a notch with enhanced visuals, delivering jaw-dropping battle scenes, special effects, and in-game actions.

Get ready to customise and craft your perfect gear, team up with mates in co-op arenas, or (if you’re feeling a bit cheeky) turn on them and flaunt your skills in adrenaline-pumping PVP modes. And to keep us on our toes, GOAT Games will be rolling out additional features shortly after launch to further enhance the Dungeon Hunter experience.

Both GOAT Games and Gameloft are buzzing with excitement about this collaboration. With GOAT Games’ impressive portfolio, including hits like Dragon Storm Fantasy, we’re interested to see what GOAT Games brings to the table for a new addition to the Dungeon Hunter series.

“Today is a day millions of Dungeon Hunter fans – myself included – have been dreaming about shortly after the release of Dungeon Hunter 5 back in 2015,” says Machine Ma, VP of GOAT Games. “We are driven to create a game that not only caters to Dungeon Hunter fans, but also offers a unique action RPG experience that will keep players engaged and excited for years to come!”

“Dungeon Hunter is one of our longest-running series and we’re thrilled to be working with GOAT Games to create the next mainline game,” says Guilherme Lachaut, Chief Sales Officer at Gameloft. “With an already impressive stable of games like Dragon Storm Fantasy, we’re confident they will be able to produce a Dungeon Hunter experience that fans of the series are going to love.”

Dungeon Hunter has been one of the most popular action RPG franchises on mobile since its debut in 2009. With over 120 million downloads worldwide, this dark fantasy series has captured the hearts of gamers for well over a decade. The game is slated for release by the end of 2023, so we’ve got a bit of a wait.

Now it’s time for a little challenge, fellow gamers! Share your thoughts on this news and what you’d like to see in the upcoming Dungeon Hunter game in the comments below or join us over on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Let’s get the hype train rolling!

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