Driftwood Key Art
Driftwood Key Art
Driftwood Key Art | Courtesy of Stoked Sloth Interactive

Driftwood: Unleash the Speed of a Sloth in this Thrilling Longboarding Adventure!

Early Access Release by Stoked Sloth Interactive promises high-octane fun on four wheels

In a delightful surprise to gaming enthusiasts, Stoked Sloth Interactive has today, June 1st, launched ‘Driftwood’ into Early Access on PC. For anyone who’s ever pondered the paradox of a speedy sloth, this new offering promises an engaging and fun-filled answer.

‘Driftwood’ challenges the commonly held stereotype that sloths are slow-moving creatures. Instead, in this unique game, you’ll find yourself slipping into the furry skin of Eddy, an aerodynamic sloth with a penchant for downhill longboarding.

Driftwood | Early Access Trailer

At the heart of ‘Driftwood’ is the art of drifting. Perfecting this skill is crucial for maintaining that fine equilibrium between speed and control as you manoeuvre Eddy down the hill, evading cars, obstacles and pulling off some seriously audacious tricks along the way. These tricks aren’t just for show, either; they earn you points which you can then use to unlock new boards and wheels, leading to a multitude of skating styles.

Dreaming of being a longboarding sloth? Look no further, as Driftwood grants your wish, allowing you to immerse yourself in an exquisitely designed world, set to the beat of vibey tunes. Leonard Schölch, the artist behind the game, shares: “We’re so excited to be releasing our first game. We hope you enjoy the awesome vibes, perform some sick tricks, and just have a great time longboarding as a sloth in Driftwood.”

‘Driftwood’ is a minimalist masterpiece, shunning a narrative campaign and instead focusing on creating a captivating atmosphere. You can enjoy the game solo, testing your skills against personal challenges, or you can strive for the top spot on local and online leaderboards. The choice, much like Eddy’s path down the hill, is yours to navigate.

Stoked Sloth Interactive is the brainchild of a duo based in Germany, Leonard Schölch and Jason Mann, both graduates of game design from the HTW Berlin. With ‘Driftwood’, their first game, they’ve set out to make a game that delivers an adrenaline-pumping downhill longboarding experience with a central emphasis on drifting and flow.

This is just the beginning of ‘Driftwood’s’ journey, and we can’t wait to see what updates and tweaks are on the horizon.

Driftwood is available to purchase on the Steam Store in Early Access now for an MSRP of £7.99

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on ‘Driftwood’. Have you taken Eddy for a spin yet? What’s been your most daring trick so far? Let us know in the comments below or share your experience on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. For those who are up for a challenge, we dare you to beat the current high score on our leaderboard. Good luck, and happy longboarding!

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