DREDGE: The Pale Reach | image courtesy of Black Salt Games and Team17

DREDGE Has Fished For Its First Expansion: THE PALE REACH

The popular indie horror adventure Dredge is going to get its first official paid expansion adventure on the 16th of November 2023. In The Pale Reach, players get to steer their boat into a new frozen biome, where they can uncover new sinister secrets.

After receiving three free updates earlier this year, this is the first paid expansion for the game.

DREDGE | The Pale Reach Trailer

The icy waters of The Pale Reach are dangerous to traverse but offer stunningly beautiful crystalline canyons and snowy depths. Players can trace the steps of a failed expedition through the frozen waters, equipping new tools and upgrades to break the ice.

This DLC comes with 11 new species of fish and crabs to discover (and their aberrated versions, of course).

The DLC will be available everywhere you can buy DREDGE: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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