Doomblade Key Art
Doomblade Key Art
Doomblade Key Art | Courtesy of Muro Studios

DOOMBLADE: A New Dawn for Fly & Slash Metroidvania, Landing May 31st!

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Gloom Girl and DOOMBLADE are Set to Take the Gaming World by Storm!

Buckle up because we’re about to take off on a high-speed journey through the hauntingly atmospheric world of DOOMBLADE, a fresh take on the Metroidvania genre that’s landing on your PCs on May 31st!

Straight out of Haarlem, Netherlands, developer Muro Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive are super stoked to announce the upcoming release of DOOMBLADE, a fast, addictive, and downright challenging 2D Fly & Slash Metroidvania. With a price tag of $17.99/€17.49/£14.99, this game’s going to be a must-have for your digital library.

DOOMBLADE Date Reveal Trailer

You’ll step into the gloomy shoes of Gloom Girl, the last of the Gloomfolk, who stumbles upon DOOMBLADE, a sentient weapon with a serious grudge against its eon-long imprisonment. Sounds like the start of a beautiful, albeit slightly macabre, friendship, doesn’t it?

DOOMBLADE spices up the genre with an innovative fly-attack movement system. Gloom Girl can keep dashing through the air as long as she’s slashing her enemies, so you’ll need lightning-fast reflexes and the precision of a neurosurgeon to master this game.

And let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard graft that’s gone into this game. The Finnish duo at Muro Studios have lovingly crafted the expansive DOOMBLADE universe over five years, filling its seven distinct, interconnected biomes with power-ups and secrets galore.

Gloom Girl and DOOMBLADE will join forces – or should we say, Gloom and Doom unite – to free the Lowlands from the clutches of the Dread Lords. Expect enemy encounters and levels designed with rapid-fire movement at their core. And don’t forget the thumping soundtrack by Brian Skeel – it’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping and prime you for some intense Fly & Slash action.

If you fancy giving DOOMBLADE a go there is a demo available on the game’s Steam Store page now.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you buzzing to take DOOMBLADE for a spin? Fancy trying out the unique fly-attack movement system? Sound off in the comments below or head over to the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

And hey, why not set yourselves a little challenge? When the game drops, see who can rack up the highest score in their first run and share your screenshots or clips on Discord. We can’t wait to see you master the art of Fly & Slash!

Stay tuned for more gaming news, and remember – in the world of DOOMBLADE, speed is everything.

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