Doggy Don't Care Key Art
Doggy Don't Care Key Art
Doggy Don't Care Key Art | Courtesy of Rohan Nowell

Doggy Don’t Care”: Rohan Nowell’s New Canine Chaos Simulator Coming to PC in 2024

Experience the Mischievous World Through The Eyes of Man's Best Friend

SYDNEY, Australia – Rohan Nowell, the developer behind the innovative mobile game “Swoopy Boi”, has announced his latest venture, “Doggy Don’t Care”, set for a PC release in 2024.

As we understand it, “Doggy Don’t Care” will place you in the paws of an irresistibly cute yet mischievous dog. With your owners away, your mission is to explore and wreak a bit of harmless havoc in your home, your backyard, and even further afield. With the freedom to dig up the garden, knock over flower pots, and play with an automated fetch machine, the actions you can undertake are as broad as your canine curiosity.

Doggy Don’t Care | Announcement Trailer

This interesting single-player adventure promises a range of exciting features to entertain players of all ages. Vibrant 3D cartoon-style graphics bring the game world to life, offering an interactive environment full of surprises. Various puzzles will challenge your resourcefulness, requiring clever use of found items to cause chaos and earn Mischievous Badges.

But wait, you aren’t exploring this playful world alone. You’ll be joined by a trusty sidekick, Rocko the Parrot, who promises to bring an extra layer of fun and interaction to the game. One rather unique, tongue-in-cheek feature, is the option to mark your territory everywhere – yes, you can indeed pee everywhere!

“Doggy Don’t Care” will be Rohan’s first foray into PC gaming, bringing his creative flair to a new platform. We’re looking forward to what promises to be a light-hearted, engaging game, full of charm, humour, and a touch of canine mischief.

Doggy Don’t Care is available to wishlist on Steam now, for more information you can check out the official website at

What do you make of “Doggy Don’t Care”? Are you excited for a bit of canine chaos? Or perhaps you have some fun ideas for mischief that our furry friend could get up to? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or join us in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to share your thoughts!

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