Black Desert Online - Sea Palace | image courtesy of Pearl Abyss

Dive Into The Sea Palace In Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss is presenting this year’s summer event in the online MMORPG Black Desert Online. Sea Palace offers exploration in an underwater palace and the appearance of a giant sea creature.

New Area! The Sea Palace Trailerã…£Black Desert

Mysterious whirlpools appeared in the Land of the Morning Light (Velia Coastal Cliff and Ooldool Strait Cliff) – jump in and let it take you to the underwater Sea Palace, with its own characters, adventures, tasks, and miraculous creatures.

The whirlpools can be found here:

Be careful when you jump in though – failing to dive could inflict fall damage on your character. It is also a good idea to not jump off a cliff with your mount.

Meet Mr Turt and Ms Myo, who are engaging in a competition to see if slow or steady wins the race. Additionally, players can find lost daughters, rescue princesses and even fight a monstrous underwater creature as the final boss of the event!

After finishing the quests included in the event, players will be rewarded with Seals, which can be traded for advice, new furniture, a diving suit, transformation scrolls and many more.

Enter the coupon code “PALA-CEIN-THEO-CEAN” in-game to receive a special diving suit item for your adventures!

The event is available from now until the 23rd of August 2023.

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