STASIS: BONE TOTEM Screenshot | Courtesy of The Brotherhood

Dive into The Abyss with STASIS: BONE TOTEM – Set to Surface on May 31st!

Ready yourselves for an epic plunge into the depths of the Pacific Ocean. South African indie studio, The Brotherhood, is bringing us the next thrilling instalment of the STASIS anthology. The new game, titled STASIS: BONE TOTEM, is set to hit your screens on May 31st!

You remember the shivers running down your spine while exploring the creepy corridors in previous STASIS games, right? Well, prepare for another dose of heebie-jeebies as you explore an underwater environment filled with dark secrets and ancient mysteries.

Stasis Bone Totem | Coming May 31 2023

BONE TOTEM follows the adventures of a husband-and-wife salvage team, Mac and Charlie. They make their dosh hunting for sunken treasures but stumble upon something far more sinister—an abandoned oil rig hiding secrets that the Cayne Corporation would rather keep six fathoms under.

Now, The Brotherhood isn’t just teasing us with a fresh narrative and a new cast of characters. STASIS: BONE TOTEM brings an innovative twist to the game mechanics with multi-character selection and shared inventory. It’s a delightful challenge to navigate through the sprawling underwater base and solve the intricate puzzles hiding an ancient secret.

What’s really interesting is the game’s immersive narrative, complete with spine-tingling horror, unexpected plot twists, and a screenplay from a top Hollywood writer. And let’s not forget the fully voiced characters by veteran actors that truly bring the game to life. This game promises a personal story that will put the resilience of our family duo to the ultimate test.

The best part? STASIS: BONE TOTEM is not just for us English speakers. The game boasts an 80,000-word localization in English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Turkish. So, fellow gamers worldwide, prepare to be left gasping for breath as you dive into the depths of this chilling adventure.

STASIS: BONE TOTEM is up for grabs on May 31 on PC through Steam and GOG * for $19.99. So, mark your calendars, and let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to uncover the truth beneath the waves!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on STASIS: BONE TOTEM. Will you be diving into this undersea adventure? Share your excitement (and fears!) in the comments below or join us over at the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. And hey, why not challenge your mates to predict what twists and turns we might encounter in the depths? Let’s stir up some waves!

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