A robot floating in front of a purple background with tech equipment.
A robot floating in front of a purple background with tech equipment.
Clyde | image courtesy of Discord

Discord – AI Chatbots and Recorded Calls?

Tools using “Artificial Intelligence” (or AI for short) are becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Discussions about artworks generated via AI are still heated months and years after the first tools became accessible to the general public. More recently, ChatGPT had everyone speculate if this tool is going to revolutionise the way we work – be it on school projects or programming tasks.

Discord, the social media messaging platform, is now embracing the use of AI tools by implementing them officially in their application. They are introducing a new chatbot called Clyde (like their robot mascot). OpenAI is now going to bring the bot to “life” by allowing users to message the chatbot in any server to generate responses. Discord states that Clyde will not be trained through user input or existing messages or recorded calls.

Servers with moderating needs will also get a new tool based on AI technology: Automod AI. Automod is an existing moderation tool, which can automatically filter potentially harmful and unwanted messages. Automod AI can now moderate with the context of the conversation in “mind” potentially filtering messages more efficiently. Whether this tool can be more help- than harmful is being tested at smaller scales at the moment.

Instead of reading a huge wall of text after being away from Discord for a while, users can use AI tools to generate Conversation Summaries. AI functions will also be added to avatars and whiteboard creations.

You can read about the upcoming changes on the official Discord blog.

After recent changes to the privacy policy of Discord, allowing the company to record and store everything users do on the app, including calls. The changes will be in effect from the 27th of March 2023. Users have been speculating about the cause of the change and the ideas range from Discord simply wanting more user data to upcoming features that might allow users to share clips and recordings of their calls.
Discord reacted to these speculations and told PC Gamer that the company still “does not store or record user content without their knowledge.” Whether the changes are related to upcoming new features on the app is still unclear.

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