Dicefolk Key Art
Dicefolk Key Art
Dicefolk Key Art | Courtesy of Good Shepherd Entertainment

Dicefolk: The Next Tactical Roguelite Sensation, Coming from Good Shepherd Entertainment

Experience an Unusual Blend of Monster-Collecting and Dice Mechanics in this Highly Anticipated PC Game

Good day to all our fabulous Gaming.Buzz readers! We’ve just received some incredibly exciting news from Good Shepherd Entertainment. They’re ready to roll out their latest creation, Dicefolk, a thrilling new tactical roguelite game for PC. The big surprise here is the interesting blend of dice and monster-collecting mechanics, which promises to redefine your gaming experience.

Good Shepherd Entertainment, Leap Studios, and Tiny Ghoul have joined forces to bring us this single-player roguelite marvel. Dicefolk brings a fresh take on tactical combat, placing you in command of the dice and the order of enemy turns. Your destiny lies in your hands, quite literally!

Dicefolk | Announcement Trailer

In Dicefolk, you get to play as a… well, Dicefolk! You’ll be able to conjure magical beings called chimeras from your grimoire. Some naughty chimeras are causing a ruckus, and it’s your job to bring them back into line. With your dice-shaped artefacts, you get to call the shots and restore peace and harmony.

The gameplay experience offers an enticing blend of thrill and strategy. As you explore and collect new, powerful chimeras, you get to build your ultimate squad. There’s a vast variety of combinations to discover, making each playthrough fresh and full of potential.

The real crux of the game is the dice. As a Dicefolk, you command your squad of chimeras, deciding the faces of the dice and the sequence of actions. The combination of monster collecting and dice rolling creates a unique dynamic, with each decision shaping the outcome of the game.

You’ll have dozens of monstrous companions to choose from, each with unique abilities. Tanks for soaking up damage, swift attackers for quick strikes – you name it! The chimeras, and how you utilise them, will form the backbone of your strategy.

Dicefolk is now available to wishlist on Steam, and you can follow Good Shepherd Entertainment on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube for the latest updates.

And let’s not forget, Good Shepherd Entertainment is no stranger to producing top-tier games. With titles like John Wick Hex and Monster Train under their belt, we’ve got high hopes for Dicefolk.

Leap Studios, based in Lima, Peru, and Tiny Ghoul, a game collective formed by Luis Wong, Gregory Parisi, and Paul Gerst, are also on board. Their innovative approach to game development, as seen in their previous work, adds even more intrigue to the upcoming Dicefolk. Dicefolk is now available to wishlist on Steam.

What say you, Gaming.Buzz community? Are you excited about Dicefolk? Do you think this unique blend of dice mechanics and monster-collecting will be a hit or a miss? Let’s discuss it in the comments below, or over on our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

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