Devolver Digital Publisher Sale – Up to 90% off

The Devolver Digital Publisher Sale has taken over Steam until the 16th of May, with incredible discounts on many, many different games.

This years annual sale by Devolver Digital features brand new games from the label’s bizarre roster, including Shadow Warrior 3, Weird West and the new hack and slash game Trek To Yoni.

 Below, i’ve listed a few of the games that are currently on sale. The titles of each property is a hyperlink that’ll take you directly to the game. I would also highly recommend checking out the Steam Store page to see a more complete overview of what’s on offer!

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 is the third game in the Shadow Warrior saga, with plenty of the run-and-gun arcade style gameplay we’ve come to know and love from the series. Absolutely bonkers weaponry, as you would expect, is an absolute must.
It’s currently on offer for 40% off in the sale.


Inscryption is an interesting take on the rogue-like genre, with one of the primary mechanics of the game revolving around obtaining cards that provide moves and actions that you can use to better survive the circumstances you find yourself in. Weapons, buffs, de-buffs (if you’re unlucky). It’s a fascinating system, and a lot of fun to use.
It’s currently on offer for 30% off in the sale.

Katana Zero

Katana Zero is an extremely fast paced cyberpunk-esque action platformer, with some visually stunning instant death for both you and your enemies. Defeat your enemies with your trusty Katana, and dodge everything they can throw at you. And trust me, they’re going to throw a lot at you. A fantastic synthwave soundtrack helps make you feel like you’re really there, taking out the Yakuza and trust me. Hectic doesn’t begin to cover it.
It’s currently on offer for 40% off in the sale.

Enter The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon is the one of the best top down shooter/dungeon crawlers out there. Your goal is super simple, you just gotta kill the past. That makes sense, right?
The levels of detail here put other games to shame. If you can think of a gun from popular culture, it’ll be in here. Robocop’s pistol, the ZORG gun from the 5th Element, the blaster from Blade Runner, to name 3 off the top of my head. I personally cannot recommend this game enough.
It’s currently on offer for 60% off in the sale.

These are just a few of the games on offer. Check out all the games available in the Devolver Digital Publisher Sale on Steam right now! This entire block of text is a big ol’ hyperlink that’ll take you there.

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