Dead Cells Clean Cut Update Key Art | Courtesy of Evil Empire and Motion Twin

Dead Cells Gets a New Update – Clean Cut!

Dead Cells, the roguelike game from Evil Empire and Motion Twin, has just received a new update called Clean Cut, which brings new weapons, cosmetics, and a secret to the game. The update revolves around the Beheaded’s favorite stylist, The Tailor, and his daughter, who has a talent for hair.

With Clean Cut, players can look forward to styling their enemies into submission with two new weapons – the Sewing Scissors and the Giant Comb. The Sewing Scissors are massive scissors that can insta-kill all enemies if just one of those enemies can be killed by an attack’s standard damage. The Giant Comb, on the other hand, deals critical damage to enemies that are off the ground. Players can pull off some impressive damage aerial combos with the Giant Comb.

In addition to the new weapons, players can redeem a brand-new hairstyle for the Beheaded from The Tailor’s daughter. She is able to replace the flames on the Beheaded’s head with a “Bobby” version on all skins, which is sure to dazzle foes before taking them down.

Dead Cells fans who enjoy speedrunning the game can look forward to a new Speedrun Mode, which adds an in-game timer for tracking. This will allow players to measure their runs precisely and easily.

For those who enjoy Boss Rush mode, the Clean Cut update offers a new DIY option that allows players to pick out exactly which bosses they want to face. The three bosses from Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania have also been added to Boss Rush mode, complete with versions enhanced by the mode’s modifiers. These enhanced bosses have received some tweaks in this update, making fights against them even more satisfying.

To help players prepare for these tough bosses, the Training Room has received some enhancements. Players can practice against specific enemies with the weapon of their choice, including the bosses from Return to Castlevania.

The Beheaded’s mutations have also received some reworks, including a true-on combo meter for the Combo mutation. The Disengagement mutation no longer has a cooldown and will only save players once per biome.

The Clean Cut update is out now on PC and will arrive on consoles at a later date. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the one to four-player roguelite Dead Cells board game, which is going live on May 16.

So there you have it, Dead Cells’ Clean Cut update adds some exciting new features and weapons to the game, as well as some much-needed tweaks to enhance the overall gameplay experience. If you’re a fan of the game, be sure to jump in and try out the new content for yourself. And if you’re new to the game, now is a great time to dive in and experience what Dead Cells has to offer. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the Clean Cut update and the game as a whole. You can share your thoughts in the comments below or join our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to chat with other Dead Cells fans.

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