Dead By Daylight x Dungeons & Dragons Crossover-DLC Out Now

Gather your friends, set out the map and die, and choose a role. Do you want to fight the horrors of The Lich – or embody the terrifying creature himself?

Dead by Daylight partnered with Dungeons & Dragons to bring a magical experience to players of the horror survival game. Step into the Forgotten Ruins and engage in a thrilling battle between good and evil.

Watch the launch trailer here:

Killer: Vecna – The Lich

The new Killer in this crossover DLC is the legendary Vecna – The Lich. With a hunger for dark knowledge, Venca uses his Book of Vile Darkness to cast four different spells to terrorise and get rid of everyone who dares to stand in his way.

  • Channeling his necromancy, Flight of the Damned conjures 5 flying spectral entities in a cone-shaped form, passing through obstacles and damaging any Survivor it hits.
  • Fly elevates Vecna from the ground, making him move quickly in a forced-forward motion. While flying, he can pass through one Pallet or Vault, letting him quickly cover great distances.
  • A well-known Dungeons & Dragons Spell, Mage Hand creates a ghastly, phantasmic hand that can tag nearby Pallets. If the Pallet is lowered, the hand will raise it. If it’s already raised, it blocks use of it for a few seconds, putting you that much closer to a fleeing Survivor.
  • Dispelling Sphere conjures a moving AOE sphere that is undetectable to Survivors. Should they come in contact with it, their location is revealed, and their precious Magical Items become disabled.

Survivour: Aestri Yazar

A quest to ensure the balance between good and evil lead Aestri Yazar, a powerful bard, to the Forgotten Ruins. In this final adventure, she can use the power of music to banish evil for good.

Players can choose between a female- or male-presenting Aestri and customise the character with equipment of their choice.

Three new perks are available for Aestri:

  • Mirrored Illusion spawns a static copy of the Survivor in front of a Totem, Chest, Generator or Exit Gate for a limited time before deactivating.
  • Bardic Inspiration empowers allies through a stirring performance. While standing still, begin a performance that gives nearby party members a temporary buff to Skill Checks once completed. How much of a boost they receive, however, is determined by the roll of a d20.
  • When not in motion for a set amount of time, Still Sight automatically activates, revealing the aura of the Killer as well as all nearby Generators and Chests.

Map: The Forgotten Ruins

The Forgotten Ruins is the new map that is now available for all players to enjoy. In Vecna’s realm, players will find a secret laboratory and rooms filled to the brim with dark arcane lore. Fans of the D&D franchise may even find some easter-eggs!

New Feature: Dice Rolls

Rolling the dice is an important feature in D&D and players can now try their luck at rolling for loot in chests scattered across the map. Seven chests can be found in total and opening them triggers a d20 dice roll.

Rolling a 2 to 4 gets you a regular item.

Rolling a 5 to 19 rewards you with a Magic Item, which is designed to counter Vecna’s spells.

  • The Boots/Gauntlets of the Interloper reveals the Aura of Pallets affected by Mage Hand as and gives Haste for 3 seconds.
  • The Boots/Gauntlets of the Nightwatch give the Survivor a glimpse of the spectral entities conjured by Flight of the Damned.
  • The Boots/ Gauntlets of the Archivist reveals the Aura of Vecna’s Dispelling Sphere.
  • The Boots/Gauntlets of the Skyguard let the Survivor see Vecna’s Aura when he casts Fly.

Rolling a critical success (20) will reward you with one of two powerful items that can be used like a perk.

  • The Eye of Vecna allows the user to vanish for a brief period after exiting a Locker and grants them Haste.
  • The Hand of Vecna allows the user to teleport from one Locker to another.

These abilities can be combined if you are lucky enough to roll a critical success twice. But beware, the power of these perks does not come without a cost and players will lose a Health State whenever they activate.

If you are unlucky enough to roll a critical fail (1), an unpleasant surprise awaits…

If you are interested in playing Dead by Daylight and/or the Dungeons & Dragons DLC, you can grab a copy here:

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