Dead By Daylight Chucky | image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive Inc.

Dead By Daylight Welcomes Chucky The Killer Doll – Your New Best Friend?

Fans of Chucky, the infamous killer doll, will be delighted to hear that the miniature murdering menace is coming to Dead By Daylight as a new killer! Due to his small size, Chucky will come with a third-person camera – a completely new feature in the game. Dead By Daylight is thrilled to announce that Brad Dourif, the original voice actor, was able to record the voice lines for the in-game version as well, making the experience truly immersive.

Dead by Daylight | Chucky | Official Trailer

Players will be able to customise Chucky with a series of creepy outfits and a very special appearance change: the Bride of Chucky! By equippingthe Good Gal Outfit, players can play as Tiffany Valentine, voiced by Jennifer Tilly, and explore Chucky’s better (or worse?) half.

He may be small in size, but players should not make the mistake of underestimating Chucky’s deadly desires. Using a lunging attack, he can quickly catch up to his victims. His size allows him to move in ways that larger killers can’t, and he can vault through windows and under pallets with ease. Like the third-person camera, this is a completely new feature in the game. This makes Chucky very stealthy, but he also leaves little footprints behind as he walks.

Chucky comes with three unique character perks:
With Hex: Two Can Play, Chucky can blind his victims when they attempt to stun or blind him.  Friends ‘Til The End allows Chucky to briefly see the location of his Obsession when he hooks another Survivor. If he hooks the obsession, a random Survivor will scream and become the new Obsession. By using Batteries Included, any repaired generator will grant Chucky a movement speed bonus while he is in the vicinity of the generator.

These perks alongside the new movement and camera options bring exciting new gameplay changes to Dead By Daylight.

If you are interested in playing Dead By Daylight, you can pick up a copy of the game at one of the following shops:

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