Dark Tales from Mexico Cannes Key Art
Dark Tales from Mexico Cannes Key Art
Dark Tales from Mexico Cannes Key Art | Courtesy of Bitall Force

Dark Tales from Mexico: Cannes You Believe It?!

Mexican Indie Horror Game Invited to the Glittering Cannes Film Festival 2023!"

Dark Tales from Mexico, a 3D survival horror game chock-full of Mexican legends, has scored an invite to one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals – the Cannes Film Festival 2023!

The Cannes film fest has always been a big-shot event, drawing the who’s who from the silver screen. But this year, it’s rolled out the red carpet for our world too, with the introduction of the “Fantastic Pavilion”. This new space is dedicated to fantastic genres and the burgeoning creative industries related to film. And guess who’s on the guest list? Our very own Mexican horror – Dark Tales from Mexico!

This spine-chiller of a game, based on Mexican horror legends and clay sculptures, promises an immersive, heart-thumping experience. It’s like taking a stroll through a dark alley of Mexican folklore, with Easter eggs, secrets and tributes to the masters of Mexican horror cinema hidden in every shadow. The game is planned to be released in 10 short, terrifying episodes, with the first already out there on PC via Steam and Xsolla stores. So, if you fancy a fright night, you know where to go!

But the Cannes invite isn’t the first feather in Dark Tales from Mexico’s cap. This indie darling has already made waves at the Espanto, Morbido, Stop Motion MX, and MUCCI film festivals, not to mention bagging the Zombie Awards and Xsolla Special Prize. Talk about a thriller of a journey!

The game’s director, Luigi Cepeda, was buzzing with excitement at this opportunity, saying, “Knowing that our work represents Mexico at Cannes, in addition to fulfilling one of our most cherished dreams, fills us with pride and emotion, as it was one of the objectives and motives that gave rise to this project in the first place.”

So, what say you, gaming aficionados? Ready to dive into this dark and eerie world of Mexican horror? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Dark Tales from Mexico. Jump into the comments section below or join the chat in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Let’s get this horror conversation started!

Who’s brave enough to share their scariest moment from the first episode of Dark Tales from Mexico? The best (or should we say, most terrifying) story might just get featured in our next post!

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