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Cult Of The Lamb: Sins Of The Flesh – Free Update Coming This Month

Sins of the Flesh will be the new free content update coming to Cult of the Lamb on the 16th of January 2024! The update will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The update will be the most content-packed and wicked to date. New quests, features, and general improvements will be available for all 3.5 million players of the game when the update goes live next week.

Cult of the Lamb | Sins of the Flesh Update | January 16

New features include the following:

Sins and Disciples
A new progression system allows players to manage their cult in more detail. The system allows your followers to indulge in earthly gluttonous rituals, enjoy a new set of buildings and additional doctrines. Your most devoted followers can be invited to your inner circle, which improves the follower progression system.

Better Cult Life
What do we want? Shiny poop! When do we want it? Now!
Improve the wellbeing of your cult with new shiny poops (with special effects), baneful brooms, and better buildings. The broom can now be levelled up to reduce the time spent doing chores and a new tiers for automation systems are available to improve how followers manage themselves.

Ready, Aim, Fire
With the new Blunderbuss weapon, shooting heretics will be a blast! It can inflict lots of damage close up and can be charged to trigger a long range attack. Praise the Lamb!

Outfits, Options, and Offspring
The new tailor building allows your followers to flaunt their favourite styles in fashion. Choose from 23 different styles and assign them to your cultists individually.
Cultists who like each other a lot may find an egg to nurture and hatch. The offsping will need care while they grow up but they can turn into a loyal follower of your cult!

For more information about the game and the update, please visit the official website.

If you want to buy a copy of Cult of the Lamb, you can do so here:

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