Mordhau Key Art
Mordhau Key Art
Mordhau Key Art | Courtesy of Triternion

Crossplay Now Available In MORDHAU

The latest update to the multiplayer medieval fighting game MORDHAU adds a highly anticipated feature that will allow players on consoles and PC to play together. Whether you own the game on PC, Xbox or PlayStation, you can now play with anyone who owns the game as well, no matter where they own it.

Furthermore, the new Demon Horde mode is one of the latest content updates to the game. Add up to 5 players to your party (now possible via crossplay!) and take on this new challenge with enemies straight from Hell, fresh weapons, abilities and a re-worked skill tree.

MORDHAU is a multiplayer medieval combat game with a focus on realistic melee combat. Players can use a range of medieval weapons like swords, spears, and maces to engage in skill-based combat with a rewarding skill progression journey. The battlefield is brutal, and you’ll find yourself right in the middle of it in a first-person view. The maps are highly detailed and carefully crafted to provide an immersive experience. Players can customise their character and jump into different game modes with different setups and objectives.

Join a passionate community with over 1 million players and grab a copy of the game here:

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