CROSSOUT players switch armoured vehicles to carriages and laser weaponry to ballistas in the latest update

Targem Games
Gaijin Entertainment
PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date
May 30, 2017

The post-apocalyptic vehicular combat MMO has received a new crazy battle mode and a whole suite of new parts.

Gaijin Entertainment have announced today the release of the Knight’s Mayhem update for their post-apocalyptic vehicular combat game Crossout. Players are getting the new medieval battle mode in this update, along with a new “Polar Explorer” pack that comes with unique impulse weaponry.

Knight’s Mayhem is an 8v8 battle using preassembled armoured vehicles created by an inventor that wanted to bring some chivalry back to the wastelands. There are five models of armoured vehicles to use;

  • The Carriage is a fast, maneouverable vehicle that is excellent at speeding around the battlefield capturing points but is fairly weak. A well placed ballista shot can destroy them.
  • The Ballista is a long ranged sniping vehicle, that wields an accurate long-range crossbow.
  • The Bombard is a heavy classed vehicle that is best used for protecting capture points. It deals exceptional damage to enemies, but it’s slow and prone to flanking attacks.
  • The Brazier is a fire support vehicle. (Literally.) It can set it’s opponents aflame and use its’ weaponry to deny areas of the battlefield to the enemy.
  • The Catapult, as you would imagine, is a long range siege weapon. It sends fiery, explosive projectiles that can set enemies on fire

The Knight’s Mayhem event will last until May 12th, and the best players will be rewarded with decorative items and epic tiered parts for their armoured vehicles.

Check out the trailer for the Knight’s Mayhem event below.

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