Cross Blitz Key Art
Cross Blitz Key Art
Cross Blitz Key Art | Courtesy of The Arcade Crew

Cross Blitz: Drawing Adventure and Strategy Together in an Explosive Deck-Building Quest

Unleash Your Inner Pirate with Cross Blitz - New Gameplay Details Unveiled and Demo Launching at Steam Next Fest!

Today we bring you exciting news from the RPG deck-building world – straight from the enchanting city of lights, Paris. The Arcade Crew, the publisher famed for masterpieces such as “The Last Spell”, “Infernax”, and “Blazing Chrome”, along with developer Tako Boy Studios, just dropped a wealth of information about their newest venture – Cross Blitz.

If you’ve ever dreamt of sailing the high seas as a fiery pirate on a quest for treasure, Cross Blitz is about to make your dreams come true. Our charismatic guide through the game’s overview is none other than Redcroft, a lively and formidable pirate set to embark on several awe-inspiring journeys. And let me tell you, the gameplay-focused trailer teases trials and thrills that await in spades.

Cross Blitz Gameplay Overview | Trailer

What’s more, a playable demo of Cross Blitz is set to release as part of the much-anticipated Steam Next Fest (running from today until June 26). In it, you’ll assist Redcroft and his pirate crew on a daring quest for a lost relic, building decks of cards to strategize and defeat anyone or anything that dares cross your path. Cross Blitz’s world is teeming with memorable secrets, peculiar shopkeepers, quirky allies, and formidable foes, promising an adventure like no other.

The full version of Cross Blitz promises a cornucopia of features, such as a deep deck-building strategy with more than 200 cards, a thrilling adventure promising over 30 hours of questing with a vibrant cast, and an endlessly replayable roguelite-style challenge filled with unique battles and gameplay-changing trinkets. All this is set in an enthralling world brimming with colourful characters, distinct locales and delightful secrets.

The game, already showcasing silky smooth combat in its Early Access version, will continue to evolve through future updates from Tako Boy Studios, adding more riches to this already rewarding adventure.

Founded in 2018 by Tom Ferrer and Phil Giarrusso, Tako Boy Studios aims to create unique, charming games with their juicy, colourful and quirky style, a promise that seems to be well on its way to being fulfilled with Cross Blitz.

Cross Blitz is available to wishlist on Steam with the playable demo releasing later today.

Have you given Cross Blitz a go? What strategies did you devise? How did you enjoy your quest? Let us know in the comments or on our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

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