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Cool Down This Summer With Chilling Horror Nights in Dying Light 2

The latest update for Dying Light 2 – Stay Human is packed with improvements to the game, ranging from changes to the atmosphere of nighttime to gameplay elements for parkour. The Bloody Nights event will give players enough time to try out the new features and earn some rewards for their game.

As part of the core elements of the franchise, the night plays an important role in Dying Light. The latest update improves this feature even further, increasing the horror-like elements of the darkest times of the day.

To achieve this, visibility has been reduced when it is dark – forcing the player to rely more on artificial light sources such as flashlights. The sound design got an overhaul too, placing a focus on effects and reducing music to create an eerie atmosphere. At night, infected can show up in formerly sunlit spaces, making the whole world more dangerous to explore – perfect for those who seek adrenaline rushes!

In addition to the nighttime update, the parkour elements of the game have received some improvements as well. Players will now be able to have increased control of their character while in the air, can maintain momentum easier, and enjoy newly added animations. To cater to different player types, the developers have added a feature to select a parkour style via the settings so you get to choose whether you are looking for a challenge or would like to use assisted gameplay to run across the map.

Last but not least the update adds community maps to Dying Light! Players can now access maps directly through the game without having to download additional applications. This is a unique opportunity to expand gameplay beyond the original content. At the moment, this feature is only available on PC but will be coming to consoles later this year.

To celebrate the new update, the Bloody Nights event is coming to Dying Light from the 29th of June to the 13th of July 2023! Players can complete Volatiles challenges to earn rewards for their game during the event. These rewards include mission tickets, a crossbow and bolts blueprint, and a new outfit!

For more information about the update and the latest event, visit the official website: https://dyinglightgame.com/

For the duration of the event, you can grab Dying Light 2 Stay Human at a 50% discount on Steam and Humble! Buy the game here:

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