A Space Station
A Space Station
A Space Station built in the Community Server

Community Server : Space Engineers

Space Engineers Box Art
Imaflanker Space Engineers Server
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Server Admin(s)
Merasmacleod, Imaflanker
Server Daily Restart Time
05:00 BST

What is Space Engineers?

Space Engineers is a Voxel based sandbox survival game, the gameplay cycle mainly focuses around resource gathering and constructing Ships, Space Stations, Rovers or Drones to solve issues.

At the beginning you can spawn into the game on a choice of planets with various issues or hazards (Like gravity, Oxygen and resource differences) and then set your own goals to survive and thrive.

Are there any rules I need to be aware of?

Yes, you can find our latest Community Rules in our Community Discord. You need to be 16 or over to join. There are several streamers that use our community server so you need to ensure you are keeping to Twitch and Discord ToS as well as keep your language to a PG13 level. Griefing is not allowed, if in doubt ask the server admin (MerasMacLeod). You must also be in our Community Discord to play in any of our community servers, this is so we have a way of contacting you and to provide updates on when we’re playing or any Server Downtime.

How many people can play on the server at a time?

The server is currently set to allow up to twenty one concurrent players to join.

How do I connect to the server?

To connect to the Server you will need our Steam Workshop Modlist  and to subscribe to all items in it. Then you can locate the Server information in the Discord Channel.

Once Downloaded and loaded into the game you will need to enable Experimental mode in the Settings menu, this allows the use of some really cool scripts on the server. 

Then you can use Direct Connect to join the Server using its IP address and Password.  

Are there any Points of Interest on the Server?

Currently (at time of writing) there are two main bases used by the main community faction, One a Pertam base built into the mountain and the other a Space Base built into Pertam’s Asteroid field. If you want to join the PLF you are more than welcome to. Just please be considerate of the work the other members have put in to build these places.

PVP on the Server

Generally speaking there is very little PVP in our community servers, if you would like to try some and you find the AI Pirate Ships a pushover I will be happy to help accommodate your desire. However all people involved in PVP must agree to be involved and should realise that Admins will not replace anything they lose in PVP.

Who are the server admins?

The server admins are Merasmacleod and Imaflanker

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