Coming Soon – The Conspiracy of the Red Book

Release Date
May 9, 2023

In a dive into the Lord of the Rings 5e setting every week, on Wednesday evenings at 19:00 BST ( Local), an exciting campaign will come to life. This thrilling adventure will be recorded for and shared on the Gaming.Buzz Tabletop Youtube channel.

To enhance the immersion, the campaign will predominantly employ a theatre of the mind format, igniting players’ imaginations and painting vivid mental landscapes. Throughout the journey, five pre-generated characters will embark on this quest across the Shire, each with their unique abilities and traits.

Duration and Sessions:
The campaign is estimated to span across five exhilarating sessions, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours. This structured timeframe ensures a well-paced and immersive experience, granting ample time for character development, strategic encounters, and compelling storytelling. The Sessions will be played via Discord using dynobot’s /roll command to roll dice.

In the year 1360 Shire reckoning (2960 Third Age), a sense of tranquillity envelops the Shire, a place known for its peaceful existence. Nearly eighteen years have passed since Bilbo Baggins returned from his extraordinary adventures, captivating the imaginations of Shire-folk. Whispers and speculations persist about the nature of Bilbo’s journeys, fuelled by occasional encounters with wizards and dwarves. However, the hobbit himself appears to have embraced a settled life, with the sole peculiarity being his extensive wanderings across the Shire. But, as is often the case, the rumour mill once again begins to churn when young Hamfast Gamgee is entrusted with a peculiar task. Clutching a stack of invitations, he sets off on a mission to deliver them to an exclusive dinner party, the guest list of which raises eyebrows and arouses curiosity. Something extraordinary is said to await those fortunate enough to receive an invitation.

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