Cities: Skylines II | image courtesy of Colossal Order & Paradox Interactive

Cities: Skylines II Out Now

The highly anticipated sequel to Cities: Skylines is available now on PC (Steam/ Windows Store/ PC Game Pass). Players can choose between the Standard Edition or the Ultimate Edition for hardcore fans of the franchise. The Ultimate Edition comes with the Expansion Pass and immediately unlocks new sets, asset packs, and content creator packs. More expansions will unlock over time.

In Cities: Skylines II, players can become city planners, creators, and architects as they build and manage a thriving city. Your cities can be bigger and more complex than ever before, and smart building and customisation tools allow you to bring your vision to life.

Official Release Trailer | OUT NOW I Cities: Skylines II

The map available in Cities: Skylines II is five times larger than the map available in the fist game in the series, allowing players to build huge and complex cities. On the map, players can build roads using a flexible tool, assign zones to city districts, establish a working public transport system, and engage in production and trade to grow their wealth.

Each citizen has a unique life, with a place to live, a family, and a job, and more. Allow your citizens to thrive by solving urban challenges and making your own decisions, which have an impact on the economy and environment. The climate of your region will also decide weather patterns and these can change over time, based on your decisions. Traffic will feel more natural than ever too, thanks to an advanced traffic AI system.

Cities: Skylines II focuses on impact and decision-making rather than simply building, adding depth to the city management and simulation genre.

The game has received mixed reviews since release, with many players complaining about the performance of the game. The mechanics and improvements are generally appreciated by the playerbase.

If you are interested in playing the game yourself, check out the stores below:

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