The Creative Assembly
Feral Interactive, SEGA
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Linux
Release Date
Feb 17, 2022

Champions of Chaos is the latest DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER III.

Fit for a champion, this Lords Pack welcomes four new Warriors of Chaos Legendary Lords instead of the usual two, each of whom is aligned with one of the four ruinous Chaos Gods. Embark on campaigns of destruction with new gameplay mechanics, wreak havoc with more than fifty new battlefield units, and enjoy new, free content such as the world-spanning Immortal Empires campaign mode.

The Champions of Chaos have risen through the ranks thanks to their infamous deeds to become the favoured of the four Dark Gods. The first to be revealed is Azazel, Prince of Damnation. The bane of humanity since time immemorial, his constant acts of devotion and debauchery have assured his high standing in the eyes of Slaanesh, the Chaos God of excess and hedonism.

A New Campaign Experience:
In the ancient arena-city of Zanbaijin, the servants of the Chaos gods have done battle for millennia and the souls of all those that fall in battle are sealed within the Altar of Battle. As a Champion of Chaos, you must earn the gaze of your Lord through bloodshed and ritual before taking the arcane power as your own.

Over Fifty New Units:
Charging into bloodthirsty combat alongside their Champions is diverse host of battlefield units, including the Warshrine of Chaos which bestows terrible gifts upon those who make the appropriate sacrifice, Chaos Knights who ride as a wall of blades and spiked armor to crash through the enemy ranks in an explosion of torn flesh, and the Chosen, an ironclad group of elite slaughterers who form the inner circle of their lord’s warband.

Free Content:
Introducing : Immortal Empires. Immortal Empires is a new grand-scale campaign mode, free to owners of all three Total War: WARHAMMER titles. Releasing into its beta alongside Champions of Chaos, it combines the landmasses, Legendary Lords, war units and much more from the trilogy into one colossal, epic game mode spread across the vast Warhammer world.

Four servants of the Chaos Gods vie for supremacy to alter the balance of power between them forever. Which of them will prove themselves worthy of the gods’ favour and forge a path to the ancient arena-city of Zanbaijin to claim its arcane power as their own?

Check out the latest Warrior of Chaos trailer below, featuring Azazel

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