Evolings Key Art
Evolings Key Art
Evolings Key Art | Courtesy of Super Rare Games

Catch, Conquer, and Evolve: Unleashing the Charm of ‘Evolings’!

Super Rare Originals Announces Delightfully Deadly New Turn-Based Roguelike Game – Evolings!

Super Rare Originals, the folks behind some of our favourite physical games, are buzzing with excitement as they announce the latest addition to their Originals line-up. Ladies and gents, make some noise for the turn-based roguelike monster-catcher, ‘Evolings’!

Evolings, lovingly crafted by the developers at SΓΈrb, is a delightfully deadly fusion of strategy and charm. With dynamic map exploration and a playthrough that’s different every time, there’s always a surprise lurking around the corner. The minimalistic roguelike introduces us to a cutesy army of Evolings ready to face the evil monster hordes. And the best part? The game’s hitting our PCs real soon!

Evolings | Reveal Trailer

For all you strategy buffs out there, prepare to flex those brain muscles as you recruit, evolve, and fuse your Evolings in epic turn-based RPG combat. The game doesn’t just bring power to the table but a lethal dose of cuteness that’ll have you cheering on your little soldiers in no time.

What’s more, Evolings offers a world that knows no bounds. Dive headfirst into a breath-taking pixel-art landscape split into three distinct acts, each bursting with its own unique Evolings, special items, and thrilling levels to conquer. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of non-stop action, adventure, and a captivating chip-tune soundtrack to match.

But that’s not all, fellow gamers! The Evolings journey also offers us the ‘Evopedia’, a comprehensive encyclopedia about the critters you’ll encounter, including shiny, super shiny, and the much-coveted rainbow Evolings. Dive deep into these entries, uncover their hidden abilities, and become a true master of these charming creatures!

And let’s not forget the ultimate honour: the Hall of Fame. Conquer all three acts to etch your team’s name in the annals of Evolings glory. It’s time to get strategizing and sharing your winning moves with friends – a little healthy competition never hurt anybody, right?

So, fancy a crack at Evolings and its charming world of monster-catching fun? Check out their Steam page,

Before you venture off to the land of Evolings, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the game. Excited? Curious? Skeptical? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or join the banter over at the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Let’s get the conversation rolling!

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