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Cat Cafe Manager Serves Cat-paccinos on Nintendo Switch, PC Today

Roost Games
Freedom Games
PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Switch
Release Date
Apr 14, 2022

The charming restaurant management/feline adoption simulator bounds its way onto Nintendo Switch and PC today.

Enter the comfy community of Caterwaul Village and the family business of Granny’s Cafe. Where warm welcomes and fuzzy feline friends come hand-in-hand. The cafe is having its grand reopening, and that’s where you, the latest resident of Caterwaul Village. Create delicious dishes, get to know the locals, and help the cats of the village find their forever home.
All this, while uncovering the magical mystery of Caterwaul Village.

Work on boosting the cafe’s appeal by greeting more of the village’s four legged friends, and learning what makes them tick. Befriend the more colourful residents of town, like Carla-Lala, a helpful witch who will assist you in learning the villages culture, and the pressure of learning to walk in your families footsteps.

Choose from a mixture of menu items, restaurant décor and new staff to attract clientele to the restaurant. Do your best to craft a menu that has everyone favourite snacks to help make your cafe into the perfect relaxation destination.

“Connecting with a happy cat is an experience that just sticks with you, we want to empower cat lovers to create these magical encounters for others daily!”

Rick Sorgdrager, Lead Game Designer and Writer, Roost Games.

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