Mayhem Brawler Key Art
Mayhem Brawler Key Art
Mayhem Brawler Key Art | Courtesy of Hero Concept

Casting Spells in a Street Fight: Mayhem Brawler 2.2 Witchcraft Update is Here

A Game Changer with New Character, Game Mode and Console Upgrade

The folks over at Hero Concept have just worked their coding magic and dropped an absolute cracker of an update for Mayhem Brawler. So, buckle up and join me on this wild ride as we dive into the details of the “Mayhem Brawler 2.2 Witchcraft” update, fresh out of Istanbul.

Mayhem Brawler 2.2 “Witchcraft” Update | Trailer

It’s a Kind of Magic

Firstly, brace yourselves for some enchanting new gameplay. Nora “Alley Witch” Komar, the fast, agile and slightly mystical new addition to the playable roster, is about to shake things up. With her spellbinding ability to attack enemies from a distance and conjure mind-boggling new combos, Nora is a game-changer. She brings a fresh and challenging dimension to the battle-strewn streets of Mayhem City.

Bosses, Assemble!

Another exhilarating addition is the Boss Mayhem mode. Here’s your chance to square off against the fiercest foes Mayhem City has to offer, one by one, in a brutal battle royale. If you reckon you’ve got the gaming grit to come out on top, this new mode is the ultimate proving ground.

Next-Gen Console Upgrade

Good news for owners of Mayhem Brawler on PS4 or Xbox One: you can now experience the stunning glory of Mayhem City in 4K resolution and 60fps, with free upgrades to the PS5 and Series X|S versions. Trust me, it’s like seeing Mayhem City through an entirely new lens.

So there you have it, folks. With its bewitching new character, hardcore game mode, and shiny next-gen console upgrades, the Mayhem Brawler 2.2 Witchcraft update is ready to rekindle your passion for the beat ’em up genre.

Engage, React, Share

Ready to cast your own spells in the alleyways of Mayhem City? Or maybe you’re eager to prove your mettle in the Boss Mayhem mode? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this update. So why not leave a comment below or pop over to our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord and share your experiences with fellow gaming enthusiasts? You might even pick up some useful tips or make some new gaming friends.

Here’s your challenge, though: Who’s the best character in Mayhem Brawler and why? We’re waiting to hear your thoughts!

Where To Buy Mayhem Brawler

Mayhem Brawler is available on PC, PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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