A bus to the destination Gold Island in a vivid city environment.
A bus to the destination Gold Island in a vivid city environment.
Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop | image courtesy of astragon Entertainment

Bus Simulator 21 Picks Up Speed in the “Next Stop” Update

Next Stop will be the most comprehensive update to Bus Simulator 21 in the history of the game. Together with the launch of the update, players will be able to enjoy the free official map extension, the Gold Edition, the Gold Upgrade, the brand new Ebusco Bus Pack as well as the “Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Season Pass” for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Here is an overview of all the new features:

  • Next Stop update
    The Next Stop Update introduces a new career mode in Angel Shores and Seaside Valley, a number of game improvements and next-gen upgrades, for example a revamped transit station. This includes improvements to the driver AI as well.
  • Official map extension
    The free DLC adds a beautiful nature reserve area with three districts in the Angel Shores map.
  • Gold Edition
    This new edition includes the main game and all previously released DLC.
  • Gold Upgrade
    The Gold Upgrade is a bundle including all previously released DLC.
  • Ebusco Bus Pack
    This pack adds 3 officially licensed Ebusco e-buses and 6 new interiors to the game.
  • Next Stop – Season Pass
    The season pass includes the Ebusco Bus Pack and three more DLCs to be released later this year (School Bus Extension, Thomas Built Buses Bus Pack and Official Tram Extension).
  • Bus Simulator 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
    Play on your console with these new adaptations to meet the requirements and feeling of a console game.

For a full overview of what these changes look like, watch the official trailer here:

YouTube: Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – What’s Next Trailer

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