Bumpy Grumpy Key Art
Bumpy Grumpy Key Art
Bumpy Grumpy Key Art | Courtesy of Mommy's Best Games

Bumpy Grumpy’s Back: Classic Arcade Racer Revs Up for a Modern Spin!

Mommy's Best Games Revives the Iconic Arcade Racer for a New Generation of Gamers

Buckle up, retro racing fans, because you’re in for a wild ride. Remember that cult arcade racer from 1983, Bumpy Grumpy? No? Well, no worries, because our indie heroes at Mommy’s Best Games (MBG) have got us covered.

MBG, the mad geniuses behind hits like Serious Sam Double D XXL and Pig Eat Ball, just announced a deal with Occidental Designs (OD). This deal grants them access to the entire back catalogue of this classic arcade game developer and manufacturer. Their first mission? To bring back the quirky, underground hit, Bumpy Grumpy.

Bumpy Grumpy | Trailer

MBG’s very own President Nathan Fouts is leading this nostalgic journey. “I was hooked ever since I played Bumpy Grumpy in a smoky Pizza Hut in St Louis,” he reminisced. “The controls were perfect, the speed intense, and the collision didn’t feel cheap like other games at the time. I knew we had to bring it back.” We’re glad you did, Nate!

First stop for this retro revival is the PC, with future console launches to be announced. Steam users can go ahead and add Bumpy Grumpy to their wishlists right now.

Now, let’s talk features, because this isn’t just a simple port. MBG is promising arcade-perfect controls, a myriad of wacky drivers to evade, powerups to snatch, and a whopping 12 unique areas to master, each with their own crazy enemy driver. Bumpy Grumpy is offering three different endings, global leaderboards, and even an optional CRT effect for that authentic arcade aesthetic. And for the real arcade enthusiasts, it’s MAME ready! Drop it straight into your arcade cabinet tonight.

“Occidental Designs may not be the first arcade company gamers think of, or even the second. Possibly not even the third. But they made great games that deserve a second chance with modern players,” Fouts added. And we couldn’t agree more.

So there you have it, folks. The arcade scene of the 80s is coming back with a bang! And we’re all waiting eagerly to see what other classics MBG has in store for us from Occidental Designs’ treasure trove.

Join the conversation on this exciting development! Share your thoughts below in the comments, or over in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Do you have a favourite memory of Bumpy Grumpy, or another classic arcade game you’d like to see revived? Let us know!

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