BRIKWARS: Embrace the Chaos of Brick-Bashing Mayhem!

Brikwars Cover Image
Modiphius Entertainment
Mike Rayhawk

Modiphius Entertainment, renowned tabletop game creator and publisher, proudly presents the definitive retail edition of Mike Rayhawk’s BRIKWARS. With years of invaluable feedback from the global brick-building community, this enhanced version bursts to life with vibrant illustrations by the talented Mike Rayhawk, immersing players in a world of mayhem and brick-fueled adventures.

“I created BRIKWARS to capture the timeless joy of children smashing construction toys together, and over the past two decades, I’ve been amazed by the community’s boundless creativity, crafting epic and outrageously over-the-top brick sagas beyond my wildest imagination.”

Mike Rayhawk

The BrikVerse teeters on the edge of oblivion. Plastic brick models gather dust on shelves, deprived of their explosive collisions and playful chaos. Imagination succumbs to common sense, and meticulous construction strangles the spirit of innovation. The time has come for a new breed of Hero, embodying irresponsibility and absurdity like never before. Armed with fanatically devoted armies, an utter disregard for self-preservation, and an endless sea of bricks, these mighty champions are summoned to resist the encroaching menace of Peace and safeguard the minifig way of life.

This battle cannot be won with ordinary models. It demands a tidal wave of ravenous munchfigs and colossal laser-ninja-dragon-mech-castle-pirate-ship-rainbow tanks. If you can assemble it, your Heroes can unleash it on the battlefield, regardless of its questionable feasibility, baffling nature, or mind-boggling extravagance.

Within the BRIKWARS rulebook, you’ll discover:

  • An astonishing array of custom weapons and abilities, from the humble brick and nuclear catapult to world-ending Artifakts and the awe-inspiring Orange Transparent Chainsaw.
  • Dozens of minifig Specialists, including Mechaniks capable of inventing war machines mid-battle, Heroes who defy the impossible with their Feats and egos, and Civilians dedicated to ordering pizza amidst the chaos.
  • The MOC Combat system, enabling you to unleash infinitely customizable units, creatures, vehicles, and fortifications upon their inevitable and instantaneous doom.
  • The Heroic Escapades campaign rules, allowing you to bask in an ever-expanding series of spotlight moments for your Heroes.
  • Forbidden knowledge about the mythical Humans and their diabolical Dice.
  • Rules for when to break the rules (which is always).

Enter a world where bricks reign supreme, where the delight of destruction outweighs the pursuit of victory, dignity, or logic. Will you conquer your foes with sheer strength, cunning tactics, and an abundance of serendipity? Or will your minifigs be hilariously reduced to plastic scraps and trampled underfoot? In the relentless fight against Peace, no sacrifice is too audacious. Can you unleash construction brick chaos and revel in enough fun to save the BrikVerse itself?

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