Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Call to Adventure Key Art
Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Call to Adventure Key Art
Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Call to Adventure Key Art | Courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games

Brace Yourselves for Adventure: Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Lands with a Bang

Cloud Imperium Games' Latest Update Sprinkles Star Citizen with New Experiences, Expansive Mining and Salvage Gameplay Systems!

Put on your space boots, adjust your holographic visors, and get ready to dive head-first into the cosmic pool of excitement, as Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has just dropped the Star Citizen Alpha 3.19: Call to Adventure update! This isn’t just any update, my friends. It’s an interstellar party, filled with emergent gameplay systems, redesigned cityscapes, new player experiences, and much, much more.

As the open-world universe simulator continues to grow through its active development, the team at CIG isn’t just sitting back and watching the stars align. They’re out there, digging deep into the game’s mechanics and adding oodles of improvements to both single-player and multiplayer mining, introducing new combat and salvage missions, and even throwing in a new handheld tractor beam tool for all you salvage junkies out there. And that’s just the tip of the asteroid!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 | Call to Adventure Trailer

For all you fresh-faced recruits out there, CIG has something extra special lined up. Taking their first flight in the ‘verse from Area18, newbies are treated to a more guided experience than ever before. And for all of you who’ve been cruising around for a while, we can look forward to a newly reworked Lorville skyline, creating more open terrain for player-designed races.

All these goodies are just the warm-up for Star Citizen’s annual Invictus Launch Week celebration, kicking off on May 19th. Expect new flyable ships and a Free Fly event for new players.

The behind-the-scenes stability for Persistent Entity Streaming (PES) also gets a boost in this update, meaning that ship you left floating in orbit might just be there when you return. Or, it might be discovered, stolen, or destroyed by another player. It’s all part of the fun in Star Citizen, where player actions have lasting impacts for truly unique experiences.

In the words of Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts, “Developing games with ground-breaking new technologies is always a monumental challenge, one that players rarely see… With Alpha 3.19, we’ve further improved these behind-the-scenes technologies, while expanding the possibilities in the ‘verse with new mining, salvage, and combat gameplay. We’re especially excited to welcome new players with our improved new player experience and look forward to hearing their feedback.”

So, what do you think of these updates? Excited? Overwhelmed? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or join the conversation over at the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Let’s make some noise in the ‘verse, people!

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