Korean landscape with a house in the background and writing in the foreground
Korean landscape with a house in the background and writing in the foreground
Black Desert:: Land of the Morning Light | image courtesy of Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online – Land Of The Morning Light Teaser Released + Free Item Coupon Code

A trailer for the first great expansion for Black Desert Online in 2023 has been released today by Pearl Abyss. Land of the Morning Light is coming to Europe and North America in June 2023.

The Land of the Morning Light adds a new continent to Black Desert Online, which is inspired by the last dynastic kingdom of Korea. Featuring carefully crafted landscapes and traditional buildings, explore the light and dark dichotomies, morals, charming and questionable characters. To match the theme of the expansion, the area will also follow day and night cycles.

As an adventurer in these lands, you will be tasked with solving the island’s riddles and confront powerful forces terrorising the populace.

For a limited time, players can gather items to help them prepare for their journey through the login bonus system. Get up to 21 days worth of Value Pack, Blessing of Kamasylve, and Secret Book of Old Moon.

Additionally, from now until the 31st of May, a coupon will be available to all players that you can redeem to pet Haetae and a Choose Your 7-Day Box for an additional in-game buff.

Use this coupon code to get the free items:

For more information about the new expansion, visit the official website or watch the expansion trailer on YouTube:

If you do not own Black Desert yet but are interested in playing, pick it up from the Humble Store here (Steam account required):

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