Instadungeon Sci-Fi Tiles Set | Image Courtesy of Big Dumb Fun Games
Instadungeon Sci-Fi Tiles Set | Image Courtesy of Big Dumb Fun Games
Instadungeon Sci-Fi Tiles Set | Image Courtesy of Big Dumb Fun Games

Big Dumb Fun Games Launches INSTADUNGEON Sci-Fi Set 1 on Kickstarter

A Highly Replayable and Atmospheric Terrain Series for Science Fiction Tabletop Games

Attention all tabletop gamers! The latest INSTADUNGEON expansion, Sci-Fi Set 1, has just launched on Kickstarter, and it’s already funded in just three hours! Big Dumb Fun Games, the small Australian start-up business specializing in creating products for the 3D printing tabletop community, has expanded their series of 3D printable terrain tiles to include a sci-fi theme, making it compatible with a wide range of science fiction tabletop games, such as WARHAMMER 40,000, STAR WARS: LEGION, and THE EXPANSE RPG.

INSTADUNGEON Sci-Fi Set 1 is a series of 24 futuristic interior terrain tiles, designed to be highly reusable, quick to play, and atmospheric, making it an excellent addition to your favourite tabletop role-playing games. The tiles are scaled for use with 28mm miniatures and are gridded with 40mm squares for compatibility with most tabletop role-playing games. However, if 30mm spaces are sufficient, you can print the set at 75% to save print time and costs.

What makes INSTADUNGEON so unique is its puzzle lock-style interconnection approach. Tiles can be quickly combined to create unique terrain for each game, and the Sci-Fi Set 1 shares this feature. The tiles are fully integrated, meaning all elements are part of the tile, so you won’t lose pieces over time. And with no supports needed on FDM printers, the tiles are straightforward to use in games and add personality to tabletops.

Mark Christopher, the founder of Big Dumb Fun Games, said, “The INSTADUNGEON Sci-Fi Set 1 tiles were created for use with any science fiction adventure and have been designed to be as compatible as possible with popular science fiction settings and games.” Moreover, he outlined plans for future sets in this Sci-Fi series, expanding the range with specialized and dedicated room types to enable tabletop gaming and RPG storytelling.

For those who missed out on the original INSTADUNGEON Fantasy tiles, the complete Fantasy collection is available as an Add-On purchase, and at a compelling discount from the retail prices.

The INSTADUNGEON system allows you to quickly and progressively build your dungeon—even in real-time as you’re playing. Customers have praised the INSTADUNGEON Fantasy set for its puzzle-lock style interconnection approach and holding together like a puzzle, making it an instant dungeon you can build in 2 to 3 minutes.

The INSTADUNGEON Sci-Fi Set 1 is available on Kickstarter, starting at a base $A35 tier that offers the new Sci-Fi tiles only, but at the time of writing, Early Bird pledges are still available at just $A25. So, don’t wait and grab the opportunity to add INSTADUNGEON Sci-Fi Set 1 to your tabletop gaming experience. Visit the Kickstarter campaign page for more information about the INSTADUNGEON system and the Sci-Fi Set 1 Kickstarter campaign. If you’re looking for more fantasy-type dungeon tiles you can check out the Big Dumb Fun Games site and check out their fantasy designs.

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