A small person in front of a large owl with the text Smalland above them.
A small person in front of a large owl with the text Smalland above them.
Smalland | image courtesy of Merge Games

Big Changes In Smalland

The second content update for the early access version of Smalland includes many brand-new features, such as a new biome and the Blue Tit, a dangerous but tamable bird that allows you to experience the world above the ground.

For an introduction into the new features, check out the update trailer here:

Smalland: Survive the Wilds | Forbidden Monuments Update Trailer

Forbidden Monuments comes with a new biome called The Park that players can explore in their game, adding to the already existing map. The new biome also comes with a new NPC called Malik. Malik is an ornithomancer (someone who reads omens from the birds).

The update introduces new creatures to the world of Smalland: the famous Blue Tit, the Stink Bug, the Aetherin Scout, and the Aetherin Elite. Some existing creatures also received new colour variants.

Player leveling is now possible from levels 1-100. Experience can be gained through gathering resources in the world, combat, and progressing the story. Single attributes cannot be leveled past your current level. Tamed creatures can also get experience by following the player it belongs to. By doing this, creatures can gain up to 10 levels from their current level. All tamed creatures have been updated and they can now jump, attack, and some creatures have unique abilities that they can use.

The game is adding a new armour set to the game – the Icarus Set. The wings are a functional part of the armour set and allow the player to dash while in the air. For this, wings have been added as a new equipment slot.

There are a few new weapons to match some of the new creatures: the Aetherin Hammer, the Aetherin Greataxe, the Stink Bomb, and the Icarus Arrow. There are new building parts and resources to be gathered for building and crafting as well.

If you do not own a copy of the game yet, you can purchase it here:

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